Collectif Prêt à Porter

Prêt à Porter is composed by Laurence Boute, Caroline Le Roy and Michaël Pallandre, circus artists who graduated at Le Lido in 2002, and Albin Warette, actor, director and teacher at Le Lido. They created the company in 2003 after one year of research about mixing artistic disciplines as circus and theatre in order to create a first piece of 20 minutes called “Jusqu’où peut-on aller trop loin ?” in 2004.

In 2004, Prêt à porter focused on creation with the support of Le Lido’s creation studio, and created a first version of “Histoire amère d’une douce frénésie”, which was presented at Avignon Off and Aurillac festivals. Prêt à porter was a Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe laureate in 2004.

Since then, the collective Prêt-à-Porter brings together various creations, composed of artists trained at the Lido (Circus Arts Center of Toulouse).

9 shows have already been created in the Collectif, including 2 with the Compagnie Diable au Corps