circusnext platform



2017-2021 is going to be a particularly exciting period: we will aim at imagining and building all together a European contemporary circus by identifying, supporting, and touring emerging singular creators who invent and propose new writings. Thanks to the reinforcement of our identity and of our circusnext label, we will support these artists in their artistic and international development.

The circusnext platform project has been selected by the European Commission as part of the Creative Europe program for a 4-year international adventure. circusnext is the only platform dedicated to circus and labelized by the European Union.

Thirty partners from 17 European countries, a renewed ambition to identify the most singular emerging creators, the will to disseminate their works in Europe and beyond: circusnext is more than a project, it is a way of imagining and to build together a European contemporary circus!

The actions of the circusnext platform:

2 cycles of identification and support for emerging creators in 2017-2019 and 2019-2021, based on:

  • a selection process by a European jury: a call for projects is open across Europe. After analyzing and debating the application, a jury made up of representatives of the circusnext platform members and experienced artists select a dozen companies.
  • the selection week in Dommelhof (BE) in partnership with Circuscentrum: the shortlisted companies are invited to present a work-in-progress on stage and for an interview with a jury composed of renown artists of the performing arts sector. At the end of the week, the jury selects the circusnext laureates.
  • support for creation and touring: shortlisted and laureates artists are invited throughout Europe by the circusnext platform members for creative residencies, presentations of works-in-progress, encounters with audiences, and then showcase their shows once they are completed.
  • creation grants for the laureates: a co-production is offered by the circusnext team to facilitate the development of the laureates’ creations.
  • public presentations of the laureates at the Théâtre de la Cité internationale in Paris: the laureates are invited by the circusnext association to present an excerpt of their future show to the general public and to 200 international professionals. A must-see event for the profession, this highlight of our sector is a great moment of visibility and networking for artists.

Support and artistic showcasing in Paris and the Île-de-France region: circusnext offers its support to artists within the framework of a strong territorial anchorage with its local partners, in particular the Espace Périphérique in La Villette, through residencies, live presentations, encounters with Parisian audiences.

A European conference will close the project in 2021: the opportunity to bring together the actors of the creative and cultural sector for a time of sharing and reflection on issues and good practices drawn from our project.

A network of European and international partners gathered by circusnext around shared values and a common desire to best support the emergence of contemporary circus and its creators and to share their works with large audiences.


Our objectives:
  • identify emerging contemporary circus creators in Europe on criteria of singularity, creativity, and artistic excellence
  • support these creators and foster their mobilities abroad, promote their creation works, and favor the encounter between their shows and audiences
  • raise awareness on the diversity of contemporary writings against persistent clichés on circus (physical and gymnic risk taking, entertainment) and thus engage audiences further
  • develop and promote the circusnext label among the professional field and the audiences alike