Alice Rende



Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT / Forced to contort herself to adapt to a too narrow space, she decides to escape. Once outside, the twists remain like an echo in her body. Between fear, pleasure and surprise, she continues to defy her invisible walls. ‘Fora’ means outside in is portuguese, catalan, occitan, sardinian… In this solo the contorted movement is a desperate strategy against domination and a homage to those who misfit.


BIO /After studying at the National Circus School of Brazil, she participated in the creation of “Silenzio” directed by Roberto Magro. She then pursued a professional formation at Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse (Esacto’Lido) and created her first solo “Passages”. Besides working as artist and creator, she pursued a Master and a Doctoral research in performing arts at the University of Rio de Janeiro, using the narration of circus experiences as a departing point to write about thematics such as the idea of difference, the politics of the body, the transformation, the vertigo.