Alžběta Tichá



Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT / Frequency is a project that combines circus arts and body monitoring technology. These days technology can show us almost everything. What we do, how we feel, and when we should get up and move. Should we trust our intuition, or should we trust the data? Are we more likely to trust what we see or how we feel?
Betka is testing her physical and mental ability while playing a mind game with the audience. All that while connected to devices monitoring her every move. What can the human body and mind withstand? What can the technology track? And what about the audience?


BIO / Also known as Betka.

Betka has a background in modern dance. She studied at the conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague. Later on, she joined the czech circus community, where she discovered her main discipline, vertical rope. With this circus specialisation, she graduated in 2020 from Codarts – University of Arts in the Netherlands.

Currently, Betka’s interest is in a research of conceptual possibilities in body rhythm and emotions effected by aerial dance. She applied her research knowledge to a solo performance “STAV”, to the co-direction of “Butterfly World”, and to all her work with Feel the Universe Circus Company.