Amir and Hemda



Shortlisted 2018-2019


The project tells the story of a couple (“ZOOG” in Hebrew), the good and the bad hiding at the root of all relationships. It is a game of love andhate, a battle where tenderness and cruelty intertwine in a singular acrobatic writing.

The artists let the public enter into their intimacy, sharing the good moments but also the difficulties of having a love relationship with their work partner. This performance tells their story through acrobatic work. The artists invite the audience to find in these situations sometimes absurd, funny, violent or tender, echoes to their own lives.

Amir and Hemda started working together in 2013 at a circus school in Israel with this unusual combination where the woman is the base and the man the flyer.

Amir Guetta comes from the world of capoeira and has always loved jumping, moving and doing stupid things. Hemda Ben Zvi began training at a local circus for young people and discovered several circus disciplines there.

Hemda’s strength, calm and stability, combined with Amir’s jumps and agility, allowed them to grasp movement and acrobatics in a different way: their practice is inspired by the fluidity of capoeira and other martial arts.