Andrea Salustri



Laureate 2018-2019


A choreography for several polystyrene shapes and one human

Materia aims to discover, explore and witness the aliveness of one material: polystyrene.

Object manipulation is taken from a different perspective, giving space to the objects themselves rather than the manipulator, and playing with the balance between these two subjects.

The piece tries not to force a narrative but rather let the audience project their own narrative on the material on stage.

Within a set score, objects are free to perform and take initiatives.

Andrea Salustri comes from Rome, where he learned contact juggling, fire manipulation, and worked as a street artist.

Since 2008, he has been learning piano as an autodidact. In 2013, he graduated in Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome. In 2015, he completed the Dance Intensive program at Tanzfabrik Berlin and studied dance and choreography at HZT Berlin University.