Basile Herrmann Philippe & Maxime Steffan

Broths / et autres paysages


Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT /Within a space, we have created two solos in cohabitation, made of dreams, bodies and spaces in movement: a poetic plan of sharing for our time. The witness-spectator moves freely, choosing their points of view, building their own interpretation through their imagination. It is a naive documentary of our practices, we build our huts and reactivate ruins. The bodies translate a humble practice of the circus, out of the constraint of the risk and the exploit. It is two bodies, two friends, two practices that weave together a writing made of movements and silences.



Basile Herrmann Philippe
Basile works between Europe and Quebec. Trained at the National Circus School of Montreal/Tiohtià:ke, he opened up to performance art thanks to Peter James and Nien Tzu Weng (Through us _comme espaces_ passions, 2021).
His personal practice focuses on a duet with a big mat in the shape of a donut (Within, 2019), where he links the circus body, sound movement and visual arts.
He collaborates with the collectives The Circus Dialogues and Valby Ruta and continues to look for other collaborators with whom to sculpt other creative spaces.

Maxime Steffan
Maxime is one of the co-founders of LA HORDE DANS LES PAVÉS, a collective of wandering in public spaces that has just created its first show Impact d’une course [name of the place].
After his studies in CNAC, he turned to contemporary dance. Today he likes to question the performance and strength relationships that were asked of his body; to displace the qualities that were expected of him as a carrier/acrobat.
from a body trained for exploit, a consequence of his apprenticeship, , he likes today to consider it as soft and adapting/blending into the encountered spaces/texture.