Cirkus Kolektiv

Dora Komenda



Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT / Konstrukt speaks about failure and dealing with wrong choices. Aerial equipment in the show is altered with a couple of invisible interventions so it becomes fragile, unsafe and unsuitable for use. The characters are mad men, fools who keep trying to perform on it, and invest a lot of effort into a battle that is already lost. They ultimately face a question – how to deal with failure? Acceptance, giving up, stubbornly defying to the point of exhaustion, or a deus ex machina that rescues us all from this curse by a supernatural force, because no solution grounded in reality is possible.


BIO / Dora Komenda is an architect and self-taught circus artist from Split, Croatia. In 2015. she achieved a master’s degree of architecture and simultaneously discovered circus, developing in both disciplines ever since. She loves to collaborate with other artists in circus projects, so in her portfolio there are performances, shows and multimedia exhibitions created along with architects, musicians, visual artists and animators. Since 2018. she has worked as an artistic director in Cirkus Kolektiv, and in 2021. she founded the architectural office Kolektiv tri along with two partners.