Compagnie La Geste

Je ne peux pas mourir. Mais qui peut vivre en pleine lumière crue ? 


Shortlisted 2018-2019


Three girls, time that passes, and that suddenly stops.

What year is it ?

The light comes on, the curtain rises, the trapeze artist falls and everything accelerates. In the shadows, her two accomplices, holding the strings of her life, are then in the light and we can see, in the dark, the backstage and behind the scenes.

Each in turn will give us a little conquest of her liberty; through their bodies first and foremost because it is in their circus techniques that they know best how to grasp it.

Heirs of a circus already almost forgotten, but still firmly rooted in our memories, these three acrobats tell us a story where their greatest strength lies in their desire to direct their destinies. They then become their own Fates* and direct the threads of their common trajectories.

La Geste company brings together three women, circus artists. It iwas initiated by Marlene Vogele’s CNAC act, created in 2016, as part of Les Échappées. During the carte blanche offered at Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf for the opening of the 2017/2018 season, the writing of this dangling trapeze solo is transformed, opens the space with the aerial hoop and paces the ground through the Cyr wheel and thus impregnates the imagination of each.

* The Fates: master deities of human destiny, from birth to death. They are generally represented as spinners measuring the lives of men and cutting fate.