Roberto Willcock & Thiago Souza

Cá entre nós


Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT / What is shared is the “Cá,” a delimited space, ritualistic, sacred, and, above all, a refuge. The relationships and movements that emerge in this space arise from the need to connect and reconnect, concretely, in pair.
Cá entre nós is a Brazilian expression. Used in the imperative mode, generally precedes or succeeds a very specific event. The tone is of trust and the idea prevails that what has been said or done must remain there, in that place, at that moment, and only between those involved.
Therefore, the expression could be translated as: “Here between us” and “Here between knots”.


BIO / “The restlessness and the desire for change are the flame that fuels our impulse of doing, concretely, in partnership.”
The CIA DOISACORDES, was born in mid-2019, from the meeting between Thiago Souza (Brazil) and Roberto Willcock (Chile), during their formation at ENC (National Circus School of Brazil). Later that year, they moved to Turin to join the FLIC 3rd artistic year. Where they were able to begin the
development of the company’s first project: Cá entre nós. In order to structure the company within a scenario coherent to their wishes, the artists moved to Barcelona in 2022.