Jeanine Ebnöther Trott & Ana Jordão



Shortlisted 2018-2019


A person has a shadow, but can a shadow have a person? How many

people coexist inside one person? How to give life to the different

sides of ourselves? How can we describe this inner struggle? And if it

was a dance?

Two inseparable bodies: In this piece, we create a metaphorical space

that suggests that two bodies are one person. It is a physical reflection

on our internal negotiations and duality. The interaction between these

sometimes contradictory sides is translated into movement, into

manipulation, into dance, into fight.

Primarily, the emphasis is on symbiosis, on synchronism. However, this

union naturally evolves towards a desynchronization. The distance


There is a rupture. A confrontation. Thus, we move into duality, all the

while remaining inseparable. We play with the brutality of the conflicts as

well as with the subtlety and the tenderness of the cooperation. Raising

issues of power; exploring the mutual support and cooperation;

illustrating a sense of continuous transformation led equally by the two


Aesthetically, we create a poetic universe based on the simplicity of

gesture and action, where harmonic moments, as well as conflicts, can

be born. The story is constantly fluctuating between unity, distance,

rupture, and interdependence…