Julia Christ

Julia Christ develops a personal language of movement, mixed with dance, acrobatics and handbalancing. She graduated at École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles in 2001. She got a solid technical background and developed the diversity of her artistic materials. After “Calcinculo” with Cie Feria Musica, she started a collaboration with the dancer/choreographer Gilles Baron with “Droit comme la Pluie”, “Oozing Tears” and “Animal Attraction” and several other duos. Since then, contemporary dance played a more important role in her work. She experimented this discipline in the field of contact dance in duo with Jean-Baptiste André or even with Kazue Ikeda in Berlin.

In 2009, she worked on her solo project “Bambula”, joined by the artist Sashiko Yoshimura. This creation proposed an idea of the body as a CONTENEUR of memories, the RECEPTACLE of continuing batailles of a divided me from the inside. In 2010, she worked together with Jean-Baptiste André on “Qu’après en être revenu” and then in 2013 as a co-author of “Pleurage et Scintillement”. Julia Christ was laureate of CircusNext in 2013-2014, with her solo “Soulcorner”. She was supported by several European organizations, between others Assiciation W/Jean-Baptiste André and Circo Aereo/Jani Nuutinen. The premieres took place in May 2016 at Le Sirque – Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Nexon (Limousin, FR), co-producer of the show.