Julian Vogel

China Series


Laureate 2020-2021


CHINA SERIES explores and shows various forms of diabolo, which is quite a simple apparatus: Two bowls connected with an axis. It is an interdisciplinary art project between contemporary circus, dance, performance and sculpture. The diabolo bowls – usually made from rubber – are replaced by ceramic and porcelain objects. They roll, turn, fly and break. The starting point is the perpetual motion, the constant transition and transformation of objects. The fragility of objects – but also of the human body – reminds us of the temporality of our being.

With CHINA SERIES the Swiss artist Julian Vogel presents a modular project, which consists of several variations. These variations are performances, installations, videos, sculptures and publications, which can be exposed in various combinations. The different formats interact with the surrounding and the visitors and create surprising and new frames for experience.