La Campistany

Júlia Campistany



Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT / Hair is beautiful when it is neat and found in the places where it ‘socially’ belongs. However, hair might be considered a taboo when found in body parts where it does not ‘socially’ belong, when it’s gone, when it’s covered, when it’s uncovered, at the end of a sink, laying in bunches around the floor, this is an endless list.
Peluda talks about beauty, about aesthetic judgement and about hair questioning our social norms through the language of poetry and absurdity. Peluda is a hairy celebration. A meeting of hair of quantity and quality for those who have it and for those who don’t.


BIO / Júlia Campistany is too tall for a Catalan and too loud for a Dutch. She moves between Rotterdam and Barcelona. Rotterdam is her current home, the city where she did her studies in Codarts Circus Arts and the place where her first project It Happens was born. Barcelona is home and the home of many she loves.
Júlia collects hair of people in small see-through bags as a hobby, she likes making people walk without telling them where, she likes good surprises and olives. She is a trapeze and mouth balance artist and is interested in communication.
HAIR: long, wavy, invasive, dark brown almost black, lots.