La Compagne Singulière

Created in 1999, at the very end of the millenium, La Compagnie Singulière was born in the dynamic and fertile southern French Midi-Pyrénées region.

From the Circus school « Lido » in Toulouse, through the learning of Capoeira in Brazil with some stopovers in yoga and African dance, here is a sum up of this really singular company, made up with artists from all types of backgrounds.

You will probably notice that the titles of the three existing shows of the company end with capital S. This is indeed the mark of plurality, because if the singular is never plural, plural is always singular, rich and stimulating, and because this is a way to claim our faith in a collectivity of individuals, written with capital letters.

The company Singulière is laureate Jeunes Talents Cirque with the show SoliloqueS.