Le Tourbillon

Lili Dehais discovered trapeze and the “modern” circus universe at Cirque d’Hiver with the Bouglione family. From 1983 to 1990, she toured with different circus companies: Jean Richard, Olympia, Fratellini, and then with companies of “nouveau cirque” like Plume, Barbarie, Les Noctambules, cirque Baroque and Mugon Geki in Japan. She trained in theatre and perform in different shows such as “Dario Fo” at Comédie Française.

In 1999, she graduated in psychomotricity at Pitié Salpêtrière and is working now in the child psychiatry area. Since 2002, she has been teaching different disciplines at the medecine faculty of Pitié Salpêtrière, as “Body expressivity” or “Circus arts’ psychomotor interests”.

Since 1995, she has been teaching adults, giving trapeze workshops and working on her artistic research in the framework of her company Le Tourbillon, which is a Montreuil-based circus school for adults and children. This school develops an educational approach of circus arts through psychomotricity, fostering body consciousness, expressivity and the creativity of an “acrobatic being”. Her educational approach explores the questions arising in the contemporary circus field. She was a Jeunes Talents Cirque laureate in 2004.