Les Choses de Rien

Boris Gibé


Les Choses de Rien is an association created in 2004 and based in Paris that supports and produces Boris Gibé’s creations. The company is evolving since 2012 through a choreographic writing process and artistic work in the field of contemporary circus.

After the creation of “Installation tripode” in 2005, then of the show “Le Phare” for circus tents in 2006,, “Bull” in 2008, “Les Fuyantes” in 2011, the exhibition “Mouvinsitu” associated to the piece “Bienheureux sont ceux qui rêvent debout sans marcher sur leurs vies” in 2014, the company keeps on researching on an original artistic language where the the movement questions the issue of space. Its last creation “L’Absolu” premiered in the end of 2017.