Ludor Citrik

Ludor Citrik, buffoon clown, borns with the new millennium. Laureate in 2002 of Jeunes Talents Cirque, he creates “Je ne suis pas un Numéro” in 2003 at Le Prato. He works on improvised circus since 2004 with “Chantiers de Cirque” with Flex company, and ingresses at that date Giovanna d’Ettore’s Maison des Clowns. He creates in 2007 his first sadicomedy: “Mon pire Cauchemar”, a quatuor about the clown in horror movies and mental torture. Then, in 2008, he presents with Isabelle Wéry a piece called “La Nudité du Ragoût” for Sujet à Vif in Avignon festival. He acts the same year in “Mignon Palace”, directed by Gilles Defacque, and in “Une Formerie”, choreographed by Kader Belarbi at Opéra de Paris. In 2009, he presents “La Flaque” at Théâtre de la Cité internationale, and he makes in 2010 with the clown PA (Anicet Léone) a tribute to the traditional clown. He creates in 2012 his last show with Côme Delain : “Qui sommes-je ? – une archéologie du devenir”. In 2019, he created a duo project with Camille Perrin alias Pollu called “Ouïe, le sens du son” and a “clown conference” with Jean-Michel Guy.