Marion Collé • Collectif Porte 27

Marion Collé was Isabelle Brisset and Manolo Dos Santos’ pupil before graduating at CNAC (21st promotion). She worked with the company Les Tréteaux du Coeur volant, Circo Aereo and Collectif AOC. In 2008, she cowrote “Justa Puga” with the company Mauvais Coton and got involved in Collectif Porte 27’s projects. In 2009, she toured with the show “Urban rabbits”, directed by Arpad Schilling, at the end of her training at CNAC.

In 2011, she created “ISSUE01” with Matthieu Gary, Vasil Tasevski and Lawrence Williams (Collectif Porte 27). She worked with Guy Alloucherie’s company HVDZ and Elise Vigneron’s Théâtre de l’Entrouvert and at the same time created her own pieces, mixing tight wire and poetry: “BLUE” in 2011 and then “Autour du domaine” in 2015. Before doing tight wire, she studied literature, in particular Guillevic and also the figure of street entertainers in literature. She writes poetry but also on circus and won several literary prizes.