Mismo Nismo

NOise Cirkus


Laureates 2018-2019


NOise Cirkus talks about the relationship between humans and human-made objects in a post-modern consumer-orientated society. It is a circus and musical semi-improvised performance which is using attributes of noise music and importing them into circus language through exploration of discarded objects a.k.a trash. In a sense, how noise music emancipates the sound from having to correspond to established melodic schemes and ways of sound-producing, we want to diversify the formal propositions of contemporary circus practices and tear up some of its constraints.

The project is affirmative towards the mentality of recycling and creative approaches it takes to put that mentality into practice. We are exploring where and how the two worlds of objects and human beings can meet, connect, intertwine.

It can as well be understood as addressing the themes of material culture, hyper-production, hyper-consumption, neglect of our environment etc. In a consumerist society we are surrounded by more human-made objects than ever before and this abundance proposes the question of value we put (or not) on objects and when they lose it. The project is an ethnographic circus documentary. By portraying discarded objects that were found in a particular trash dump in an old bicycle factory Rog, it is in a sense revisiting a window of history from Slovenian post-socialist transitional period until recent times and showing us the history and quite possible our future from the perspective of human waste.



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