Monki Business



Shortlisted 2018-2019


STATIC talks about time. About our ability to take or not to take time, about nostalgia, fascination for the past, and the frantic pace of our lives. In an increasingly digital and fast-moving society, the project questions our quest for more human and direct relationships with others and our environment.

Ode to non-practicality and immobility, Static tries to propose an alternative way to the efficiency and the speed promoted by our society. With this show, the artist explores his own nostalgia, his need to slow down, find his own pace, take time to stop and look around. He formulates the idea that the essential could reside in the experience rather than in the result.

Monki’s work is characterized by its ability to mix disciplines. Combining double Chinese pole, theater and live music, it offers the audience his view on contemporary society.