Andrea Rodriguez de Liebana & Sergio Gonzalez



Shortlisted 2023


THE PROJECT / Our flesh is exposed and exhibited, bare of subject, without filters. Vulnerable, adaptable, consumable, manipulable and greasy. The fat slips from our bodies and ends up on the ground, taking a step forward involves the risk of slipping.
Through the care, connection and observation the cancelled subject appears from an objectified body.
Masha represents a space to observe, interpret and coexist with the unexpected. We reflect on the new parameters that we have to face as humanity. This piece provides a critical story about the annulment of the subject, through the new forms of capitalism.


BIO / Palimsesta was born at the end of 2021, Masha is their first artistic project. The company is focused on the complexity of the accumulation of layers and realities that make up what we are. How each one lives a reality based on its experience and the possibility that many realities coexisting.


Andrea is an artistic researcher, teacher and architect. His work tries to find a cooperation between different approaches to the same question.

Sergio is an artist, social worker and artistic researcher. His work is focused on generating transformative relationships with collectives through their interests.