ROOM 100


ROOM 100 was founded in 2010 by Antonia Kuzmanic and Jakov Labrovic. Their first performance, “C8H11NO2”, was selected and awarded by the jury of Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2009-2010 and receive a positive feedback from critics and audiences.

“C8H11NO2” premiered in Paris in September 2011 and it has been performed since then in various contemporary circus, contemporary dance and performing arts festivals around the world.

The company premiered their second production, “Seed”, a dance exploration, in November 2013, followed by the performance “Split”, also from 2013, which was awarded with different contemporary art prizes.

Beside performing and producing “performances which present a new approach to contemporary circus art and stretch performing art boundaries”, ROOM 100 is undergoing different projects that aim at introducing contemporary circus, its history and importance, to wider audiences in Croatia through HALA 100, a residency place for contemporary circus (first of its kind in Croatia and ex-Yugoslavia, opened in June 2015), hosting international contemporary circus artists and circus movies screenings, as well as thematic exhibitions.