Tr’espace develops on stage a rich universe of nuances, making the invisible visible, with simple and refined gesture where the effort fades into the beauty.

Tr’espace’s driving force is Roman Müller, thinker, handyman, performer, juggler, guitar player and artistic director of the cirq’ festival in Aarau. Always joined by new teams, he creates in a easy pace, leaving time. The time dimension is by the way at the heart of his research in order to make new things emerge: everything is screwing, moving, spinning, rotating in a fascinating and playful imaginary, full of scientific and philosophical theories.

The artistic discipline – diabolo – is not much perceivable, completely reinvented at the aesthetic, dramaturgic and technical levels.

Tr’espace created many pieces dedicated to diabolo. Its first show was “Duo Tr’espace”, followed by the short form “RencontreD”, then “Le Cercle” and finally “ArtbeiT”.

Tr’espace presented its work more than a thousand of times in more than 25 countries from all the continents and received several international distinctions and prices.