Un Loup pour l'Homme


Since 2005, Un loup pour l’homme has been giving a specific orientation to its research: acrobatics are not only seen as a material which must be given form, but above all express a strong relationship between two men. Alexandre Fray seek to defend a vision of humanity made up of social beings, who are different as well as dependent on each other. Enthralled with power and freedom, the acrobat appears to grapple with his limits ; the person reveals, in the experience of his relationship to the other, the complexity of human nature.

The company’s first play, “Appris par corps” (2007), received a rapturous response from the public, with 200 performances given worldwide. With the “Grand-mère” project (since 2008), they question the practice of the catcher working with the elderly and later with “Face Nord” (since 2011) extend their work beyond the duo. In this show, four men explore a composition made up of rules and acrobatic games. Confrontation with various obstacles lays the foundations for a new “being together”.

In 2017, the company creates “Rare Birds”. Designed for 6 acrobats and dancers, in a circular device to play under marquee (and sometimes indoors), the show premiered for the SPRING festival, at the Brèche – Cherbourg.

After nearly 250 performances, the show Face Nord is transmitted in 2018 to a team of four women to create “Face Nord – Reprise féminine”.

A new creation is planned for 2020. “Leather” is a duet in short format around the notions of traction and attraction.