circusnext will be in Avignon this summer 2019!

On July 10, circusnext will be at “Occitanie fait son Cirque en Avignon” (OFSCEA) festival where the first step of circusnext platform 2019-2021 selection for France will take place.

Here are the members who will sit on the French national selection committee:

  • Cathy Bouvard (Ateliers Médicis)
  • Lise Hoez (La Brèche)
  • Yveline Rapeau (La Brèche)
  • Marie-O Roux (La Cascade)
  • Vincent Ehl (Cirk’Eole)
  • Sylvie Cadenat (Espace Périphérique)
  • Satchie Noro (Compagnie Furinkaï)
  • Lucho Smit (Galapiat Cirque)
  • Serge Borras (La Grainerie)
  • Bruno Lobé (Manège de Reims)
  • Clémence Bouzitat (La Tempête)

A get-together for professionals will conclude this day.

At last, take the opportunity to (re)discover three former circusnext laureates who will be performing from 8-20 July, 2019 (release July, 11 and 16):

This event is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.