Compagnie Oktobre promotes high-level circus set in a powerful, esthetic and magical tragi-comedic theater universe.
In its shows, circus performers, actors and dancers outdo themselves and go beyond the limits.
Humanity appears in all of its splendor, cruelty and absurdity.

Laughter is ever present to help in swallowing man’s often dramatic shortcomings and the resulting situations and relationships. Relationships marked by frigid or fiery tensions like those in Russian novels where dignified sentiments coexist with the cruel. Things don’t ever happen as they think they should. At times, a disturbing element of magic appears.It’s amazing. Vivid. Ridiculous.The core of this form of circus/theater rests on the singularity and creativity of each artist. Each character on stage is a world, and must be fascinating. This is a form of theater in which they impose themselves in a structure that seeks to accommodate our eponym. Taking responsibility for this environment, they claim that it constitutes a theatrical act with its own language.But the core of our work comes from the circus.