Discover the circusnext 2020-2021 laureates!



After an intense week of online presentations and exchanges and after the deliberations of our artistic jury, we are pleased to announce the six circusnext 2020-2021 laureate projects:


Camille Paycha – “Ice skates and other cruelties”
Chiara Marchese – “Le poids de l’âme – tout est provisoire”
EDO Cirque – “Piñatas don’t cry”
Elena Zanzu – “Manipulaciones”
Julian Vogel – “China Series”
Inbal Ben Haim – “Pli”


We also wish to congratulate all shortlisted companies for their terrific work:

Calentina Vortese, Hugo Bergman, Kolja Huneck, Myrto Petrochilou, OLGA_ Cirq Analogique, Vincent Bruyninckx & Vejde Grind


The selection week after-movie is coming soon!