Discover the 2023 circusnext pre-selected projects!

The national selection committees were held throughout June and July in 12 countries, discover their selection now.

First of all, we want to thanks to the authors of the 119 applications received! Here are the pre-selected projects:
Lies of the Matrix · PuTanja 🇭🇷
acrodance, object manipulation

Konstrukt · Cirkus Kolektiv 🇭🇷
aerial disciplines

Symphony of Recollection · Henri Kangas 🇫🇮

<3 (smaller than three) · Recover Laboratory 🇫🇮
hula-hoop, tubes

Le repos du guerrier · Edouard Peurichard 🇫🇷
knife throwing, acrobatics

C’est l’Hiver, le Ciel est Bleu (It’s Winter, the Sky is Blue) · Diagonale du Vide 🇫🇷
 juggling, objects manipulation, acrobatics, magie nouvelle, aerial rope

TwentyNine · Louisa Wruck 🇫🇷

Je suis nombreuxses · Compagnie Salvaje 🇫🇷
acrodance, trapeze, physical theater

Hier Déjà · Compagnie La Grue 🇫🇷
multidisciplinary circus

V · Viivi Roiha 🇫🇷

Automne · La NeKuia (Julie Tavert) 🇫🇷

Broths / Et autres paysages · Basile Herrmann Philippe & Maxime Steffan 🇫🇷
dance, acrobatics, handstand

Fora · Alice Rende 🇫🇷

BRICK · Samuel Bey 🇧🇪
juggling, object manipulation, slack rope, dance

the Labyrinth · Fabian Krestel 🇧🇪
juggling, objects manipulation

Maman aime beaucoup les fraises · Nicola Bertazzoni 🇧🇪
handstands, acrodance

# Click It · Hopscotch 🇧🇪
handstand, hulahoop

Flickering · Daniel Fernández López & Emma Versluys 🇧🇪
chinese pole, dance, acrobatics

Life Of Creatures · Izabelė Kuzelytė 🇱🇹
aerialhoop, aerial rope, floor acrobatics

Hippopotamus · Circus Sabok 🇪🇪
multidisciplinary circus

O U T · Half In company 🇸🇪

Frequency · Alzbeta Ticha 🇨🇿
aerial rope, floor acrobatics, handstands

0° Cycle (working title) · Aleš Hrdlička 🇨🇿
juggling, object manipulation, magie nouvelle

Cá entre nós · Doisacordes 🇪🇸
aerial rope

D’Amore e di Peperoni · Romina De Nardo 🇪🇸
static trapeze

El patio · Juan Carlos Panduro Romero 🇪🇸
hand balancing, acrodance

MASHA · Andrea Rodriguez de Liebana & Sergio Gonzalez 🇪🇸

dis.cover · Ariane Öchsner 🇦🇹
object manipulation, juggling

alter · Kumquat (Charlotte Le May & Verena Schneider) 🇦🇹
handstand, acrobatics, dance

Girevik · Roman Skadra 🇩🇪
objects manipulation

Hedonia · Moritz Grenz & Clara Cortés Soler 🇩🇪
tightwire, trapeze

PELUDA (temporary name) · La Campistany 🇳🇱
static trapeze

Chochma · Hannah Finn 🇵🇹

ÁRIA · Alan Sencades & Jessica Lane 🇵🇹

Il castello interiore · Marianna De Sanctis 🇮🇹
hula-hoop, new magic, clown

Both · Mad Beltrami 🇮🇹
aerial technique, contortion, contemporary dance, voice and alternative fakirism


The authors of the pre-selected projects will be given the opportunity to work on their creations during the Labs organised by circusnext at its European partners and at the Ferme Montsouris (Paris) from August to October. For the dates and more information about the Labs, please click here.

The European selection is the next selection stage. It will take place at the Ferme Montsouris (Paris) on 14&15 November 2022 and will select the circusnext Platform 2023 shortlisted projects.