LABS • The last circusnext Lab of 2022, it’s in Didascalia!

This 6th Lab takes place from 18 to 27, October 2022 at Teatro da Didascalia (Joane 🇵🇹).


📸 Circus Sabok


6 companies chosen during the 2022 circusnext National Selections  are gathered during 10 days for this last Lab of the year: Recover Laboratory, Circus Sabok, la compagnie Doisacordes, La Campistany, Kumquat & Romina de Nardo.


The Lab takes place at our partners Teatro da Didascalia and the artists will be accompanied by Morgan Cosquer, 2004 circusnext laureate with the Cirq’ulation Locale company.


Morgan Cosquer

After being trained in theater in Brest and in circus in Toulouse, Morgan co-fonds Sacékripa Company in 2003 with whom he creates 3 shows.
He is a circusnext laureate (at the time Jeunes Talents Cirque) in 2004 with Who goes on?

In 2012, he co-fonds Endogène Company. Installations, performances, a short film and a show: Mu Arae.

In 2015 he became teacher for jugglers of 2nd and 3rd year in ESACTO. He also launches himself into mediation actions, accompanies various projects as external eye, leads many masterclass in juggling, and research labs.
In 2022, he is back to creation with Endogène Company for Umwelt, juggling and soliloquy.


🎙 “For me, being a mentor means questioning and accompanying. In a creative process, questioning our initial desire allows our intuitions and desires to reveal themselves, our thoughts to become clearer.

Being a mentor is also about listening and sharing experiences. I am also very happy to do this with circusnext, because I’ve been a laureate myself at the beginning of my career.

It’s a bit like closing a loop…”


➡️ Co-funded by the European Union 🇪🇺, Ville de Paris & Institut Français.