SAVE THE DATE • 18.10.2019 • circusnext.Brussels

Professional meeting


If its power is no longer any doubt for the experts of the sector, the creative background of contemporary circus, preferring unexplored territories rather than established directories, sometimes remains mysterious, even unknown, for the uninitiated audience.

So how do we bring it into the light, relate it with words that is understandable to everyone? How to talk about this creative energy, beyond the technical gesture, the risk-taking or the tension that founds circus? This point in question makes sense for all partners: the artists of course, but also the places of support, the critical journalists, the teachers, the programmers and the public.


Espace Catastrophe invites us to think about it together during a circusnext.Brussels professional day organized on 18.10.2019.


The day will combine the viewing of shows from circusnext support process (shortlisted and laureates 2018-2019) and exchange time.

These will be broken down according to 3 specific and complementary themes:

  • Views of critics / journalists
  • Regards of programmers / artistic directors
  • Views of the authors themselves

Artists performing:

  • Cie La GesteJe ne peux pas mourir. Mais qui peut vivre en pleine lumière crue ?
  • Amir and HemdaZOOG
  • Collective RafaleSanctuaire Sauvage (Premiere)


Through these moments of meetings and exchanges, Espace Catastrophe hopes to encourage a better understanding of the specific creative process of contemporary circus and to promote its dissemination.

This day is intended for cultural operators of all kinds, programmers, organizers, associations, centers of expression and creativity, permanent education organizations, professors (…) brought into contact with circus forms within the framework of the programming of a season or a festival, a workshop, etc.

This day is also opened to artists and companies of the sector, who can feed on exchanges and meetings but also find new ways of mediating their productions.


This event is supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union